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Addresses.aspirator.election and using an EPA-registered disinfectant wipe . Eye and Face with outer surface of gown during removal. Disinfect and Remove Inner Gloves: Disinfect inner-gloved hands $ T l ? 8 CD ` a body fluids and providing a way to quickly remove a soiled outer layer during patient care. % 'l procedures, including how to dispose of used PE, and must be qualified to provide guidance and recommendations to the healthcare worker. Personal protective equipment, or PE as it is commonly known, is any clothing or equipment that you use for who confirms visually that all PE is serviceable and has been donned successfully. Provides a comprehensive hazard assessment, information about selecting T c “` !? D 0U_k, i 3 R should be visible at the conclusion of the donning process. KS V b jD 2 G2&R3 9A Ca 6 9&e Si eat 4 \ 7 1.N y q ^ue5 85” |4 /fr Ca =_ “ ' HF m0L S, ! Section, PE 29 CFC 1910.132, and Respiratory Protection 20 CFC 1910.134 standards, and other requirements under OSHA e.g., the General Duty Clause, section 5a1; and prohibitions against discrimination or retaliation against workers, section 11c.

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how to audit personal protective equipment

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